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Statement from Infinite Campus Regarding “White Screen” Issue Reported by Users

Statement from Infinite Campus Regarding “White Screen” Issue Reported by Users
Published on October 23, 2018 at 11:56 AM CDT by Nola Peterson

Districts, students, and parents are reporting an issue with the new Campus Student and Campus Parent apps. Upon opening their app, some students and parents are seeing a blank white screen or a white screen showing a “Connection Error” message.

Initial investigation points to intermittent connectivity issues when the system authenticates the user’s credentials. At no time is any data at risk of being compromised. We appreciate your patience as we further investigate to resolve this issue. Until this issue is resolved, students and parents experiencing this issue may access Campus Student or Campus Parent on their mobile device by using a web browser.

Students and parents desiring to review updates may see them at our public page for students and parents:

* Additional note from our regional Campus support team:
When students and parents are logging on to their mobile app, they are seeing a message that the current app will be expiring soon (fyi, not until end of 18/19) and “do they wish to down load the new app?” When doing this, the old Campus Portal icon still exists and is usable, and a new icon is added to their device to access the new app.
I did this as a parent, clicked on the new icon and noticed the issue that Campus talks about below. The work around is to continue to use the “old” Campus Portal, or to access the new portal in a web browser. I find it easier to just use the “old” one.
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