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Preschool: Education program for children ages 3-5 years. Options vary from 6 hours per week for children who are 4 on September 1st and will be entering kindergarten the next fall; and 5 hours a week for 3 year olds (must be toilet trained).

Through guided free play and directed work activities in large and small groups, the children will have many opportunities for enjoyment and growth. Learning centers, indoor and outdoor motor activities, storytelling, music, and sharing are included in the program.

Our curriculum objectives utilize developmentally appropriate activities which enhance a child’s social development (particularly play and getting along with other children, relating to other adults, interacting as a group member, and learning to follow directions); to enhance a child’s creativity through art projects, music experiences, dramatic play, story time, etc.; to stimulate a child intellectually by exposing the child to concepts and ideas and letting the child internalize on his/her own; not direct teaching or measuring accomplishments.  To have fun!

The home is the primary environment where a child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development is nurtured. Preschool experiences are supplemental.

parent aware

Our Preschool sites are Parent Aware 4 Star Rated, as is our daycare program KIDS & Co., which provides wrap around care for our youngest learners. For additional information:

Limited (ONE WAY) Transportation is available by application (at no cost for qualifying families).  Please contact our offices for more information; bus application is included with the preschool application below.

Preschool Sites:

* Minnehaha Elementary, Two Harbors
* William Kelley Elementary, Silver Bay

For more information call Community Education (218) 834-8201 ext.  8230, or (218) 226-4437 ext. 8137.

Preschool Application Forms
2017-18 Preschool Registration and Scholarship Forms

Need Financial Help for Tuition??

Pathway I Early Learning Scholarships
Income eligible families may apply for Pathway 1 Early Learning Scholarships from Families First to help pay for Silver Bay or Two Harbors Community Education Preschool. The application is available at Return the original application and documentation to Families First of Minnesota Early Learning Scholarships 126 Woodlake Drive SE Rochester, MN 55904. The State Early Learning Scholarships provide families up to $7,500 per year to help pay for high quality child care and early education programs to help children get ready for school. Scholarships are paid directly to the early childhood providers chosen by the parent. Families may use their Pathway I—Early Learning Scholarship at any eligible child care or early education program in Minnesota participating in Parent Aware. Silver Bay and Two Harbors Community Education Preschool are 4 star Parent Aware rated programs and eligible for Early Learning Scholarships.

School Readiness
School Readiness in Minnesota schools is a public school program available for 4 and 5 year-old children who are not yet in kindergarten. In Lake Superior School District, School Readiness is a scholarship program for enrollment in existing Community Education preschools. This is primarily a program for children who will enter Kindergarten the next school year. Lake Superior School District offers preschool scholarships with a parenting component to prepare your child socially, physically, emotionally and mentally for kindergarten. Parents are required to be involved with these programs.
For more information call the ECFE Coordinator at (218) 226-4437, ext. 8158.

Silver Bay and Two Harbors communities are participating in the Northland Foundation’s Early Childhood Initiative. This initiative is a catalyst to rally broad-based community support for young children, ages 0-5 and their families. The coalition has representation of individuals throughout the community, including parents, representatives from early childhood care and education, K-12, business, state/local government, health and human services, and other concerned community members. This coalition is part of the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative…A Campaign for Our Youngest Children directed by the Northland Foundation.

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