1640 Hwy 2 Two Harbors, MN 55616 | Phone: (218) 834-8201

ISD #381 Alternative Learning Center

ISD #381 Alternative Learning Center
1640 hwy 2, Two Harbors, MN 55616
218-834-8201 X8217

Link to PLATO: https://ple.platoweb.com/account/signin

Area Learning Centers (ALC): An area learning center provides comprehensive educational services to enrolled secondary students throughout the year. This could include a daytime school within a school or separate site for both high school and middle school level students. Students must be at-risk as defined by statute. Students served are off-track for graduation and are working towards completing their graduation requirements. In addition to day programs, these centers provide extended learning opportunities for students to make up lost credits or to prepare for graduation tests. ALCs serve students from more than one district. ALCs must also provide services to middle level students, either at a separate site or within their school. ALCs can apply to provide Targeted Services to elementary age students in after school and summer school programs.

Instruction is designed to meet individual student learning styles as well as their social and emotional needs.  Teachers build connections with students and focus on vocational and career skills, including independent study options. Community, county and state partnerships provide additional support and resources.

The alternative classes are individually designed for each student. Transcripts are evaluated and students know the number of credits and courses they need to graduate. From there, students can   proceed at their own rate.

It is easy to get started in our program. If you are still in school, talk to your guidance counselor. If you are out of school, call to make an appointment.

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