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To Powerwash (Reset) a School Chromebook

If a Chromebook needs to be reset, please follow these steps:

Try this first:
Sign out and re-authenticate to your device

  1. Select the time in the bottom right of the screen
  2. Click Sign out
  3. A message will appear on the screen; Click on Sign out now button
  4. You will be brought to the main login screen
  5. Log back in to your Chromebook (the device will find the default network)
  6. Allow all 3 tabs to fully load in Google Chrome before opening or closing any other pages

If the re-authentication does not work, you can reset your device (takes about 1-2 minutes)
Here are the steps to Powerwash (completely reset) a Chromebook:

  1. Power on the Chromebook
  2. Esc + Refresh + Power (refresh is the 4thbutton from the top left)
  3. When asked to insert a recovery USB, type Ctrl + D
  4. Hit Enter
  5. Hit Enter again and the Chromebook will reboot
  6. Click Get Started
  7. Select a Network (use the Public network at school, but any open network will work remotely)
  8. Accept Terms of Service
  9. Enrollment will start, Enterprise Enrollment Complete will appear, Click Done