WKHS Alumni Association Request for Funding

William M. Kelley Alumni Association

Request for Funding


The William M. Kelley Alumni Association invites you to apply for support dollars for your project or academic need which will benefit the students, faculty, or staff of the William Kelley School in Silver Bay, Minnesota.  Support dollars are made available through private donations from alumni.

The William M. Kelley Alumni Association identifies capital projects and other academic needs of the school through discussion with faculty and staff.  In doing so, we consider the following:

  • The nature of the benefit to students and the number of students benefiting from the project
  • The impact of the project on the visibility and reputation of the school
  • The responsibility of the school district, if any, for the project
  • Whether, when completed, it will be identifiable as an alumni-supported project

The alumni association board of directors considers all projects for funding and, generally, our maximum award is $1000.  However, we will consider larger requests if our budget permits.

If you have a request, please complete the form linked below:


Instructions for submitting your request are at the bottom of the form.

If you have questions, please direct them to Mary S. Hoffman, Chair, William M. Kelley Alumni Association.  She can be reached by emailing her at mariners@wksalumni.com.