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Technical Support Resources

Personal Device Connection Security Certificate:
If you are connecting a personal device to the network, Windows may require you to install a security certificate. Install this certificate if prompted: ISD381 Network Authenticator Security Certificate

To wipe a Chromebook clean, clear the history and refresh the defaults:
(Do this if you are having issues logging in or connecting to the network)

Power on the Chromebook
Esc + Refresh + Power (Refresh is the 4th button from the left on the top row)
Ctrl + D
Space Bar
Enter (Chromebook will reboot)
Click “Let’s go” to re-join the domain
Select a wifi network (any of the networks will work for this step)
Accept Terms of Use and Continue
Enter your full email (type the entire address – the will disappear as you type the last half of your email)
Enter your password
Click Done
Sign Back in to the Chromebook and open a Google Chrome browser
Ctrl+H (this will open the history page)
Select “Clear Browsing Data”
Click the Advanced Tab
Select “All Time” from the pull down menu
Make sure at least the first 4 boxes are checked, including history, cached images and files and cookies and other site data – you can do this from the advanced tab
Click “Clear Data”
Close the Chrome Browser
Log out and Restart Chrome

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